(some with electronics)
Solo and Chamber
(some with electronics)
Electronics and Installations
Dance and Music Theater
(some with electronics)


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Vocal Works (some with electronics)

Triplett Boulevard (2015)

Duration: 4’
Song for Baritone and Piano
Text: setting of a comment from the website of Strickland’s Ice Cream in Akron, OH
Commissioned by Matthew Mirapaul

Alma Redemptoris Mater (2014)

Duration: 5’
Alto Voice, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Positif Organ
Text: setting of the Latin hymn
For countertenor Ryland Angel
Premiere at Trinity Church Wall Street, NYC

The New Frontier (2013)

Duration: 4′
Baritone and Piano
Text: Phil Kline
Commissioned by The Hermitage Artist Retreat
Premiere at Symphony Space, NY

7 Scenes from Tesla (2013)

(available separately)
Duration: 40′
Six Singers, String Quartet, 2 Pianos
Text: Phil Kline, Nicola Tesla, Katharine Johnson, Goethe
Commissioned by Duke Performances
Premiere at Hopkins Center, Hanover NH

Out Cold (2012)

Duration: 45′
Cycle of 10 songs
(available separately)
Baritone, Flute, Oboe, 3 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano, Percussion
Text: Phil Kline, David Shapiro, Hunter S. Thompson
Commissioned by American Opera Projects
Premiere at BAM Next Wave Festival

The New City (2009)

Duration: 5′
Chorus SATB, with Organ
Text: from The Book of Revelation
Commissioned by Group Motion and Hidden City
Premiere at the old Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia, PA

Search and Destroy (2008)

Duration: 4′
Arrangement of the Iggy Pop tune, for child vocalist and electric keyboards
Commissioned by Andy Russo for his Mixtapes CD

Going Blind (2008)

Duration: 4′
Girls Chorus
Text: Rilke’s poem
Commissioned by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Premiere at the Kumble Center, Brooklyn

Fear and Loathing (2008)

Duration: 50′
Song cycle for Bass Voice, Violin, Cello, Bass Guitar, Piano, Percussion
Text: Hunter S. Thompson
Premiere by Wilbur Pauley, Todd Reynolds, Felix Fan, Phil Kline, David Cossin at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia PA

John the Revelator (2006, 2007)

premiere 2006, revised version 2007
Duration: 50′
Vocal Sextet and String Quartet
Text: the traditional Latin Mass, with additional texts from the Bible, American “shape note” hymns, Samuel Beckett, David Shapiro
Commissioned by WNYC and the New York State Council on the Arts
Premiere by Lionheart and Ethel at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden, NYC

Three Rumsfeld Songs (2003)

Duration: 5′
Voice, Amplified Violin, Percussion (Vibraphone), Electric Guitar, Electronics
(also in versions for Voice and Piano)
Text: Donald Rumsfeld’s Pentagon briefings
Premiere at HERE, NYC

The Funeral of Jan Palach (2003)

Duration: 4’
Baritone, Amplified Violin, Electric Guitar, Vibraphone
(also an arrangement for Baritone and Piano)
Text: poem by David Shapiro
Premiere at HERE in NYC

Zippo Songs (2003)

Duration: 30′
Cycle of 7 songs (available separately)
Voice, Amplified Violin, Percussion (Vibraphone, Drums), Electric Guitar, Electronics
(also in chamber version, Voice, String Quartet, Piano, Percussion)
Text: American Vietnam GIs’ Zippo lighters
Written for Theo Bleckmann, vocal; Todd Reynolds, violin; David Cossin, percussion; Phil Kline, guitar
Premiere at HERE in NYC

Yawp (2001)

Duration: 12′
Voice and 12 Boomboxes
Text: wordless
Premiere by the composer at the Bang on a Can Marathon, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY

When I Had a Voice (2001)

Duration: 25′
Song Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Child Sopranos, Viol Quartet
Text: poems by David Shapiro
Premiere by Alexandra Montano and Parthenia at Grace Church, NYC

Whole Lotta Love (1996)

Duration: 15′
Voice and 12 Tape Loops
Text: fantasy on one phrase of Led Zeppelin
Premiere by the composer at the Bang on a Can Marathon
Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NY


(some with electronics)
Solo and Chamber
(some with electronics)
Electronics and Installations
Dance and Music Theater
(some with electronics)


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Solo & Chamber (some with electronics)

Clem’s Tune (2016)

Duration: 1’
Trumpet and Piano

Dawn Chorus (2016)

Duration: 8’
Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Piano, Percussion
Commissioned by Grand Valley State New Music Ensemble
Premiere at Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The Old Man of the Mountain (2016)

Duration: 20’
Amplified String Quartet & Voice of William S. Burroughs
Commissioned by Muzik3
Premiere by FLUX Quartet at Other Minds Festival, San Francisco

Bedeviled (2016)

Duration: 3’
Solo Violin
Commissioned by Jennifer Koh for New York Philharmonic Biennial
Premiere at National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY

Paraphrase (2012)

Duration: 5’
Solo piano
Commissioned by Antony De Mare for the Liaisons Project
A re-imagining of Sondheim’s Someone in a Tree
Premiere at Symphony Space, NY

Dead Reckoning (2011)

Duration: 18′
Solo Violin
Commissioned by Jennifer Koh
Premiere at Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada

Three Pieces for Organ (2011)

Duration: 12′
Commissioned by Friends of the Kotschmar Organ and the Lane Series
Premiere at University of Vermont, Burlington

Canzona for Two Hearts (2010)

Duration: 14′
Flute, Oboe, 3 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harpsichord
Commissioned by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble
Premiere at the Brooklyn Museum

A Needle Pulling Fred (2010)

Duration: 8′
Multitracked violin and electronics
Commissioned by Todd Reynolds
for his Innova CD Outerborough

SPACE (2009)

Duration: 50′
Amplified string quartet
Commissioned by Ethel and Alice Tully Hall
Premiere by Ethel at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NY

The Long Winter (2009)

Duration: 12′
Piano sonata
Commissioned by Sarah Cahill
Premiere at Merkin Hall, NYC

Ghosts (2007)

Duration: 10′
Piano, Electronics and Video
Commissioned by pianist Kathleen Supové
Premiere at The Flea Theater, NYC

Mambo #1 (2006)

Duration: 3′
Piano solo
Commissioned by the Keys to the Future piano festival
Premiered by Lora Tchekoratova at Greenwich House, NYC

Tarantella (2006)

Duration: 4′
String Ensemble
Arrangement of final movement from The Blue Room and other stories
Premiere by Ensemble Resonanz in Hamburg, Germany

The Last Buffalo (2005)

Duration: 12′
Cello, Piano, Percussion (Vibraphone and Hubcaps)
Commissioned by Muzik3
Premiere by Real Quiet at Muzik3 Festival, La Jolla, CA

Partita (2005)

Duration: 10′
String Orchestra (also available in version for 9 Strings)
Commissioned by the EOS Orchestra
Premiered by Ethel and Red{an orchestra} in Cleveland, Ohio

Grand Etude Symphonique (2004)

Duration: 10′
Solo Violin and Electronics
Written for violinist Todd Reynolds
Premiere at the Whitney Museum at Altria, NYC

Pictures of an Exhibitionist (2003)

Duration: 20′
Piano with optional slide show
Twenty-three miniature piano pieces written for Kathleen Supové
Premiered at Roulette, NYC

The Blue Room and other stories (2002)

Duration: 22′
String Quartet and Electronics
(also available for small String Orchestra)
Written for Ethel
Premiere at Miller Theater, NYC

Reynolds Etudes (2001)

Duration: 14′
Solo Violin and Electronics
Four violin pieces written for Todd Reynolds
Premiere at Roulette, NY

Svarga Yatra (2000)

Duration: 20′
String Quartet and Electronics (also a version for String Orchestra)
Premiere by the Sirius Quartet at the Brooklyn Anchorage, NY

The Garden of Divorce (1998)

Duration: 10’
10 Electric Guitars
Written for guitarist Mark Stewart and the Glenn Branca Ensemble
Premiere at the Barbican Centre, London

Exquisite Corpses (1997)

Duration: 11′
Clarinet, Cello, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion (Vibraphone and Drum Set)
Written for the Bang on a Can All-Stars
Commissioned by Bang on a Can
Premiere at the Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, NY

96 Tears (1996)

Duration: 11’
8 Electric Guitars

A Fantasy on One Note (1993)

Duration: 10′
Electric Guitar and Delay Systems
Premiered by the composer at the University of Minnesota, Moorehead, MN

Bachman’s Warbler (1992)

Duration: 17′
For Harmonicas and 12 Boombox Tape Loops
Premiered by the composer at the Bang on a Can Marathon, Ethical Culture Society Hall, NY


(some with electronics)
Solo and Chamber
(some with electronics)
Electronics and Installations
Dance and Music Theater
(some with electronics)


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Electronics and Installations

Peregrine (2011)

Duration: 40′
Ambulatory Sound Sculpture
40 Boomboxes
Commissioned by Evento 2011
Premiere at Evento, Bordeaux, France

In Cognito (2009)

Duration: 6′
Electronics & field sound
Recording commissioned by Grand Valley State University
for their Innova CD In C Remixed

World on a String (2007) 

Duration: infinite
Surround sound installation at the Krannert Center of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Commissioned by the Krannert Center

Sonic Dances 1 & 2 (2007)

Duration: 10′ and 20′
Electronic dance score for Group Motion
Commission by Group Motion
Premiere at City Hall Courtyard in Philadelphia

Globe (2007)

Duration: 40′
Soundscore to James Nares film
Commissioned by Issue Project Room
Premiere at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY

Around the World in a Daze (2006)

Duration: 65′
Surround sound recording for instruments, voices and electronics
Commissioned by Tom Steenland and Starkland Records

Chinook (2006)

Duration: 24′
Outdoor Walking Installation
Dozens of Boomboxes
Commissioned by Echoes from the Mountains
Premiere at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy

Symphony (2005)

Duration: infinite
21 iPods
Installation at the ArtMetro Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio
Commissioned by the Ingenuity Festival

Pennies from Heaven (2005)

Duration: 23′
Marching Boombox Orchestra
Commissioned by the River to River Festival
Led by Leonard Lopate in the streets of NYC’s Financial District

Vigil (2001)

Duration: 40′
Infinite number of Boomboxes
Walking vigil held on September 22, 2001
Union Square, NYC

Meditations in an Emergency (2001)

Duration: 25′
Music Video Triptych with 24 Boomboxes
Premiered at the Ought One Festival, Montpelier, VT

last words before vanishing from the face of the earth (2001)

Duration: 35′
Installation of 24 boomboxes on top of Terrible Mountain in Ludlow, VT

The Holy City of Ashtabula (1996)

Duration: 24′
24 Boomboxes and Sound System
Premiere at Music at the Anchorage, Brooklyn, NY

to be sung on the water (1995)

Duration: 45′
Walking Boombox Installation in the Whitney Museum
Premiere at the Whitney Biennial, NYC

Premonition (1995)

Duration: 5′
Fanfare for 24 Boomboxes
Premiere at the Rapp Arts Center, NYC

A Walk in the Park (1995)

Duration: 44’
24 Boomboxes and Sound System
Premiere at Context, NYC

A Day in the Life of the Universe (1994)

Duration: 30’
24 Boomboxes
Premiere at La Mama, NY

Unsilent Night (1992)

Duration: 45′
For infinite number of Boomboxes
Debuted in the streets of Greenwich Village, NYC, and has since been performed annually in cities around the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia


(some with electronics)
Solo and Chamber
(some with electronics)
Electronics and Installations
Dance and Music Theater
(some with electronics)


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Dance & Music Theater (some with electronics)

Really Real (2009)

Duration: 30′
Chamber Chorus
Dance score for Wally Cardona
Text: from the writings of Soren Kierkegaard
Premiere at The International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, CT

Site (2007)

Duration: 40′
High School Marching Band
Commissioned by Wally Cardona and Meet The Composer
Dance score for Wally Cardona
Premiere at Dance Theater Workshop

Locus Solus (2006)

Duration: 70′
Voice, Violin, Percussion Quartet (Vibraphones, Xylophone, Marimba, Glockenspiels, Drums), Electronics
Text: Raymond Roussel, David Shapiro, Phil Kline
A music-theater piece written for singer Theo Bleckmann, violinist Todd Reynolds, and the Talujon Percussion Quartet
Commissioned by Hidden Cities and Meet The Composer
Premiere at the Ryerss Mansion Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Locus Solus: Prelude (2006)

Duration: 36′
Voice, Violin, Percussion Quartet (Vibraphones, Glockenspiels), Electronics
Premiered at the Whitney Museum at Altria in NYC

Everywhere (2005)

Duration: 60′
String Quartet and Live Boombox Installation
Dance score for the Wally Cardona Quartet
Commissioned by the Aaron Copland Fund/American Music Center
Premiere at the TBA Festival, Portland, OR

The Story of B (2003)

(collaboration with composer Eve Beglarian)
Duration: 90′
Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Keyboard, Flute, Guitar, Sitar, Accordian
Text: Phil Kline and Eve Beglarian
A song cycle based on Pierre Louys’ Songs of Bilitis
Premiere at the Flynn Center in Burlington, VT

Into the Fire (2001)

Duration: 45′
4 Readers, 4 Video Monitors, Mezzo-Soprano, Violin, Viola, Keyboard, 24 Boomboxes
Text: Luc Sante
Premiere at The Kitchen, NYC

Unbelievable (2001)

Duration: 40′
Voice, Harmonicas, Boomboxes
Live dance score for David Hurwith
Premiere at Tanztage, Sophiensaal, in Berlin, Germany


(some with electronics)
Solo and Chamber
(some with electronics)
Electronics and Installations
Dance and Music Theater
(some with electronics)


Please contact Phil for all scores at:


In a Handbasket (2015)

Duration: 12’
Full orchestra
Commissioned by conductor Peter Askim and the Raleigh Civic Symphony
Premiere in Raleigh, NC

Blood (2014)

Duration: 10’
String Orchestra (17 Strings)
Premiere at Music Mountain, Falls Village, CT

A Dream and its Opposite (2010)

Duration: 15′
Full Orchestra
Commissioned by Musik3
Premiere by La Jolla Symphony, Steven Schick, conductor